Dedicated facilities

Newcastle College English provision takes place in a comfortable and self-contained modern building, with access to state-of-the-art teaching resources.

What can I expect to find?

Newcastle College English is based at Newcastle College, a vibrant city-centre campus with multi-million-pound education facilities that provide the best work and social environments. Rye Hill campus gives you access to a range of facilities that students can access:

  • College library – range of books, journals, electronic resources, and PCs.
  • The Retreat – a commercial hair salon, beauty and spa area.
  • The Zone – a gym and fitness studio.
  • Chefs’ Academy – high quality restaurant serving two and three-course meals.
  • Cafés and bistros – range of food outlets, refectories and cafés.

Newcastle College English is situated in a comfortable and self-contained modern building; with access to state-of-the-art teaching resources.

What students say

"The facilities are amazing. I did not expect the level of technology that would be available here, particularly in an English school. The language labs at Newcastle College are something I had never seen before.

They have computers with specialist software and headsets linked together in a network. Students interacted in the class with a teacher listening to us over the headphones. I found the audiobook software of real use.

I was able to listen to books while reading them to practise the pronunciation then record myself reading and compare this to the audiobook."

Pouria Bolourinejad (Iran)
EFL student