Enrol NOW at Newcastle College

Enrol NOW at Newcastle College

Posted On 17th August 2020 By Charlotte Horsfield

If you're anxiously awaiting your GCSE results, or just thinking about taking your next steps in education, Newcastle College is ready to welcome new and returning students  to campus, as it reopens for the new term on Monday 7 September.

The College has been busy making changes to campus to make it safe for everyone and with our Virtual Enrolment Event now open, we can reassure you that yes, Newcastle College will be open and it will be a safe place to be.

“I can’t wait to welcome new and returning students back to campus,” says Newcastle College Principal Scott Bullock.

“We’ve been really busy making changes to our campus to make it ‘Covid-secure’ and to the way that we teach to make sure students still get a great experience and all of the support that they need.

“We know how important it is for our learners to spend time in our specialist facilities learning hands-on skills and being around their tutors and their classmates. We don’t want to remove that experience for our students so we’ve taken steps to make it as safe as possible.

“The rest of the time, students will be able to continue their learning from home and we’ll give them all of the support we possibly can.”

What will September look like?

So, while students will split their time between home and campus, what will socially-distanced education look like in 2020?

“Safety is of course our first priority,” continues Scott. “The biggest changes students will find are probably ones that they’ve already gotten used to if they’ve been out and about recently, such as one-way systems and reminders to wash their hands and socially distance.

“We’ve reduced our class sizes so that we can make more space for people to keep that space, whether they’re sitting at a desk in a classroom, or working in one of our specialist environments such as our hairdressing salon.

“And of course, students will still be spending some of their timetable learning from home to allow other students to spend that time on campus. The less people together at any one time makes it safer for everybody.”

To show students all of the safety changes at Newcastle College, we’ve filmed a trip to campus right here.

How to Enrol at Newcastle College

Whether you’re looking for a full-time course, part-time study, an apprenticeship or a degree, you can apply and enrol at Newcastle College now.

Simply sign up to the Virtual Enrolment Event where you can speak to tutors, get advice, find out about support and of course, make an application to enrol.

See you in September!