Wind and solar power energises local children at the Energy Academy

Wind and solar power energises local children at the Energy Academy

Posted On 18th March 2013 By Chris Knox

Children from Stephenson Memorial Primary School in Wallsend visited Newcastle College’s Energy Academy today as part of National Science & Engineering Week.

The Year 4 children, aged between 8 and 9 years old, were given a tour of the academy and had the opportunity to explore how renewable energy works, through a range of workshops including designing and building a wind powered machine to lift up a cup of pennies; designing, building and racing a wind powered car; and building a model wind turbine.

The workshops were created and developed especially for schools visiting all this week, when the Energy Academy opens its doors to the local community’s school children.

Vicki Raynor, class teacher and school lead for Science Subjects, said, ‘’The aim of our visit was to create a passion for STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – and to inspire the children to pursue a career in the STEM field. We want to show the children the amazing opportunities that they have in their local area – and show them that they are achievable’’.

The Energy Academy was launched in May last year and was developed in partnership with the Shepherd Offshore Group, along with support from a range of key employers in the region. The unique 20,000sq ft facility in Wallsend focuses on training and development in offshore wind and renewable energies, training students for roles in management, project management, manufacturing, planning, operations and maintenance.

Dave Dudman, Section Manager for Renewable Energy at Newcastle College and Energy Academy Manager, said, ‘’We place great importance on working with the community and getting school children involved and interested in the industry from an early age. We are delighted that the school could join us for Science and Engineering Week’’.

Staff from Newcastle College have also been invited to join Stephenson Memorial Primary School’s science and engineering themed Fair this week.

Photo Caption: Children from Stephenson Memorial Primary School enjoying one of the renewable energy workshops at the Energy Academy, Wallsend.