Alnwick girl who was airlifted to safety gives advice to cyclists

Alnwick girl who was airlifted to safety gives advice to cyclists

Posted On 25th June 2013 By Susan Ambrosi

A student from Northumberland who was knocked from her bike and airlifted from Embleton to the RVI in Newcastle earlier this year has made a speedy recovery and is determined to teach other cyclists about keeping safe on the roads.

28 year old Laura Millar, who is a student at Newcastle College, was hit by a speeding car while she was cycling with a friend around the coastal village of Embleton. Laura sustained a fractured skull and an air ambulance was mobilised to fly her to the RVI in Newcastle, where she received urgent medical care in the intensive care unit. She was not wearing her cycling helmet.

Laura, who has been recuperating at her home in Alnwick and has been making a positive recovery, said ‘It’s vital that cyclists know the importance of wearing safety helmets and equipment, using lights in the evening and being aware of other road users.

‘It’s also vital that drivers be aware of cyclists at all times. I hope to return to college soon to resume my studies’.

Laura is studying an Access to Higher Education Health course at Newcastle College. Along with a group of fellow students, Laura and the team staged the health promotion event at the Rye Hill college campus giving out road safety advice and stunning passers-by with the realistic ‘injuries’ make-up, which was created by a local make-up artist.

Barbara Cochee, Lecturer in Health at the college said, ‘The girls took it upon themselves to create and organise this Health Promotion event as part of their course. They felt it was extremely important to warn others about the dangers of cycling and give advice on how to keep safe.

‘They made a great impact on campus with a lot of passers by looking startled at their ‘injuries’, but it was all in a good cause and they have been very enterprising’.

The group of five students wore ‘Think Bike Think Biker’ T-shirts at the event. More information on the Government’s ‘Think’ campaign for cyclists and drivers can be found at